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the dimka's livejournal

in english

21 July
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This is the english version of my journal.
основная и более полная версия моего журнала - thedimka[profile] is the russian one.


All of the entries have tags. you can navigate through them.


i am all alone in this big world, apart from my roots. i swim in the ocean of things around me. i reside in san francisco right now, but i move from place to place and one never knows where I will living next year or next month. i have thoughts virtually on any subject.
i have lots of interests and I am never bored. my appetite for something new drives me to books, movies, socializing, internet and sometimes radio.
i actually don't watch tv for many years now.

i like open minded, reasonable people. i am a very social person. however I am picky when it comes to making new friends. I can keep a conversation with anyone, but it not necessarily will be enjoyable to me.
but despite all my socializing activities and having many friends all over the world i still feel that i am a loner, that's just how I am. thus I spend a lot of time just by myself. Maybe one day I'll find a perfect match.
I tend to fall for weird girls, and if she is very slim, reasonable and somewhat alternative chances are I'll melt. I try to avoid categorizing them as pretty and cute, my tastes in appearance are not really conventional anyway. I don't try to seduce all the girls I like, really often I'd prefer to be just friends.
but as they say - there are many women that I want, but next to none that I can't live without.

in culture and arts I tend to stay away from the main stream, but there are exceptions. I like modern things, while classical stuff mostly interests me from a historical point of view.

i think all the time and i often think in a way of improving things around me. i have lots of thoughts about politics and religion, but i try to avoid those subjects in my journal. i am a liberal and a libertarian, and i don't mind if people criticize me. if people are really hostile to me, most of the time i'd just keep cool, but some rare nuts can get me to loose my temper. i don't like violence and a big way anti-war.

i am a very busy person, with million things on my plate, so if you need something from me you must be proactive about it.

flickr.com/thedimka is the place where you can find my art endeavors.

I have a personal website dimka.com, but after blogging hit the web, it got somewhat behind. one day it will be all improved and spunky new.

i try not to embed found youtube videos in my journal, instead I have a big list of favorites there

lj_connect is a cool tool to find connection between lj users.

i have many other blogs, and i started blogging in 1999 with my own dimka daily

my name in other writing systems:
笛玛 ディマ димка

last updated on 2007.12.03
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